Our Faculty

Saint Brigid of Kildare teachers have an average of 13 years of teaching experience. Teachers work on grade level teaching teams and with professional learning committees to advance their knowledge of Catholic identity, unit design, feedback, and assessment. Mentor teachers work with entry level teachers over a four year period. Teachers at Saint Brigid of Kildare School employ a myriad of instructional methods to help students from all grades reach their full potential.

Kathleen O'Reilly, principal, koreilly@cdeducation.org
Cindy Lombardo, vice principal, clombard@cdeducation.org
Jill Carfagna, assistant principal, jcarfagn@cdeducation.org
Shannon Crawford, receptionist/secretary, scrawfor@cdeducation.org
Cindy Sovik, registrar/secretary, csovik@cdeducation.org

Maureen DiDomenico, preschool director, mdidomen@cdeducation.org
Kris McKenna, preschool teacher, krmckenn@cdeducation.org
Deb Funk, preschool teacher, dfunk@cdeducation.org
Molly Kellogg, preschool teacher, mkellogg@cdeducation.org

Kathy Hare, kindergarten teacher, khare@cdeducation.org
Shelley O'Neil, kindergarten teacher, soneil@cdeducation.org
Kathy Troutman, kindergarten teacher, ktroutma@cdeducation.org
Andrea Grundei, kindergarten literacy, agrundei@cdeducation.org

First-Second Grade Team
Molly Long, 1st grade teacher, molong@cdeducation.org
Mackenzie Veeder, 1st grade teacher, mveeder@cdeducation.org
Megan Byorth, 2nd grade teacher, mbyorth@cdeducation.org
Marcia Springer, 2nd grade teacher, mspringe@cdeducation.org
Ellen Faler, 2nd grade literacy, efaler@cdeducation.org
Katie Sachs, 1st grade literacy, ksachs@cdeducation.org

Third-Fourth Grade Team
Christine Gutridge, 3rd grade teacher, cgutridg@cdeducation.org
Michele Sapp, 3rd grade teacher, msapp@cdeducation.org
Lori Schnegg, 4th grade teacher, lschnegg@cdeducation.org
Kathy Wodarcyk, 4th grade teacher, kwodarcy@cdeducation.org
Shelley Regrut, 3rd and 4th grade literacy, mregrut@cdeducation.org

Fifth-Sixth Grade Team
Sue Kessler, 5th grade teacher, skessler@cdeducation.org
Karen DeLucia, 5th grade teacher, kdelucia@cdeducation.org
Nicole Brinkman, 6th grade teacher, nbrinkma@cdeducation.org
Natalie Weiss, 6th grade teacher, nweiss@cdeducation.org
Jill Cecutti, 5th and 6th grade literacy, jcecutti@cdeducation.org

Seventh-Eighth Grade Team
Sara Hardin, 7th grade teacher, shardin@cdeducation.org
Katy Nentwich, 7th grade teacher, knentwic@cdeducation.org
Chris Mazon, cmazon@cdeducation.org
Mark Yeazell, myeazell@cdeducation.org
Carla Chiavacci, 7th and 8th grade literacy, cchiavac@cdeducation.org

Intervention Specialists
Colleen Zetzer, grades 4, 7, 8, czetzer@cdeducation.org
Kathy Stuart, grades K, 1, 2, kstuart@cdeducation.org
Melissa Karam, grades 3, 5, 6, mkaram@cdeducation.org

Special Area Teachers
Sue Asencio, technology teacher, sasencio@cdeducation.org
Mary Beckwith, physical education teacher, mbeckwit@cdeducation.org
Julia Trapp, music teacher, jtrapp@cdeducation.org
Larrie Habel, art teacher, lhabel@cdeducation.org
Judy Ignasiak, library teacher, jignasia@cdeducation.org
Marisel Quintero, spanish teacher, mquinter@cdeducation.org
Brian Sze, band teacher, bsze@cdeducation.org
Mary Westendorf, technology coordinator, mwestend@cdeducation.org
Stacie Williams, guidance counselor, williams_stacie@dublinschools.net
Kendra Rutledge, occupational therapist, krutledg@cdeducation.org
Erin Griffin, speech/language pathologist, egriffin@cdeducation.org
Peggy Iannarino, school nurse, iannarino_peggy@dublinschools.net