Internet Safety

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As a public service for parents, educators, and everyone interested in young people's use of technology, NetFamilyNews is the "community newspaper" of a vital interest community. Founded in 1999, it has become the journal-of-record on all aspects of youth and technology, serving readers in more than 50 countries.

NetFamilyNews is based on the premise that informed, engaged parenting is essential to kids' constructive use of technology. With the advent of Web 2.0, or the social Web, that has never been more true. We all have arrived at the everywhere, all-the-time, multimedia, multidevice, downloadable and uploadable, user-driven Internet. On this Internet, the best protections our highly mobile Net users have is the filtering software in their heads and their informed, engaged parents. That's why I started NetFamilyNews, with several editions for busy readers: an email newsletter and daily blog and newsfeed.

NetFamilyNews covers...

Online safety and privacy news and tools
New technologies and Web resources for kids
Research about kids' use of digital media and the Net
Legislation affecting children's online experience
School and library Net-use policy
How Web-literate kids, parents, and teachers are using the Internet.
NetFamilyNews is unique in three ways:

Our daily and weekly frequencies and multi-format approach provide maximum online accessibility to parents. We're parent-driven and grass-roots, filtering tech news for fellow parents and, with permission, publishing the tech stories and issues they send in. Having covered this field for more than a decade, we're a clearinghouse for tech-parenting expertise in all directions - that of our readers themselves, as well as researchers, policymakers, children's advocates, and businesspeople providing products and services for kids and families.
We're a "community newspaper" of the Digital Age - the information source for and communications node of a vibrant, worldwide interest community: grownups with young tech users' best interests in mind.
Anne Collier is editor of NetFamilyNews and executive director of its parent, Tech Parenting Group, a nonprofit organization she founded in 1999. Anne's bio is here.

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