Fifth and Sixth Grade News 2014-2015

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Classroom Mission Statements:

Mrs. DeLucia's Fifth Grade Class:
As student’s of Mrs. DeLucia’s class, we will work hard on our journey towards discipleship by treating others with kindness and respect. We will focus on being responsible and ready to learn in every class we enter and try our best at everything we do. Everyday we will journey together to walk in the path of light and spread the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ. When we make mistakes, we will recognize them and become stronger students, friends and disciples.

Mrs. Kessler's Fifth Grade Class:
Mrs. Kessler’s fifth grade students pledge to be faithful friends, classmates, and role models. We will strive to be strong disciples by treating everyone as family and respecting each other’s differences. God will be with us on our journey as we try to be kind, respectful, responsible and ready to learn every day. We will be promising leaders to our kindergarten buddies as we help them learn more about our Catholic faith. We will honor our theme as we learn and grow this school year as disciples on a journey.

Mrs. Brinkman's Sixth Grade Class:
We, the students of Mrs. Brinkman’s sixth grade class, promise to be disciples of Jesus throughout the entire 2014-2015 school year. We will always be friendly, caring, respectful, and kind to all members of the Saint Brigid of Kildare community. We will share the good news of God through our words and our actions every day. We will pray together, and for each other, as we continue on our journey as responsible disciples of Christ.

Mrs. Weiss's Sixth Grade Class:
Mrs. Weiss’ 6th grade class of 2014-2015 will be creative and responsible disciples of Christ. We will journey together to answer the call to discipleship by being role models and showing respect, acceptance, and compassion to others. We will strive to turn towards God and show understanding and forgiveness in times when it may be most difficult.

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