Seventh-Eighth Grade News 2014-2015

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Classroom Mission Statements:

Mrs. Hardin's Seventh Grade Class:
During our journey at Saint Brigid, our homeroom students will always be kind and respectful student-disciples who set the example for others in academics and with behavior that demonstrates our Catholic values.

Miss Nentwich's Seventh Grade Class:
As seventh grade students in Ms. Nentwich’s homeroom, we promise to be disciples of God on our journey of faith. We will do this by always sticking together and being inclusive. We will be role models to others by being prepared and working hard both academically and in our journey of discipleship

Mr. Mazon's Eighth Grade Class:
As the students of room 302 begin our 8th grade journey to become Disciples of Christ, we will trust in God to show us the way. We will share the good news, participate in Mass, respect our classmates and teachers, be responsible leaders, and be positive examples to the students of St. Brigid.

Mr. Yeazell's Eighth Grade Class:
We, the 8th grade class of 2014-2015, are disciples traveling on a spiritual journey towards Confirmation. We pledge to grow in our faith and have this growth reflected in how we lead the school.

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